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Promote your brand and services thanks to our solutions of customer relations

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Homer's skills at the service of your clients


The everyday life objets become connected to boost the loyalty of your clients


First and unic trustworthy third party in customer relation in the workd of commerce and insurance


Our services available for your clients with competitive modalities

Control your customer relation from A to Z

Homer connects objects

The products of your clients become intelligent and connecter to order accessories and consumables.

Our Eggstickes can be customised according to the identity of your brand, the true call-to-action that will delight your clients!

Your brand can be seen on your clients' products

Closely follow Homer

Control your customer relation with Homer usersthanks to the dashboard and Myeggbox's knowledge base.

A database containing more than 1,200,000 Products and market information, is at your disposal to help in the building of your business.f

You have access to a unique dashboard that contains every communication channel

Retain customer statisfaction in key moments

Get in touch anytime with your client in the way he prefers : 24/7 Chat, notifications or e-mails. Real life events become contextualized opportunities

To be coherent with our principle, we offer this service, which is a real asset for our demanding clientele.

@Michel - Marketing Manager

Homer, the personnal assistant which accompanies your brand


Feature One

Méo coffees choose Myeggbox to get digitised

Discover how Méo coffees attracted new customers with stickers for their coffee machines.

Download the case study (French only)

Feature Two

PDF version for Myeggbox's Offer

Find here a PDF version of the services Myeggbox offers to partners.

Download the booklet (French only)